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Loving Couple

Virtual Coaching

Clients participate with an individual(s) that they are in relationship with (family, friends, coworkers) to take proactive measures in keeping the relationship healthy. Although we believe in quality relationships, we also believe that a healthy relationship starts with a healthy you. Take a look below at our coaching options and book for your FREE consultation to see if Seasons's Wellhaus is a fit for you. 

Coaching Services


Individual Coaching

This service include individuals who want to work towards personal goals. 

Rates and packages:

One 15-minute Free Consult

$240/three sessions

$75 per session after 3 sessions

*Each session is 1 hour.​​

Relational Coaching

This service include coaching with one or more individuals.

Rates and Packages:

One 15-minute Free Consult

$270/three sessions

$85 per session after 3 sessions

*Each session is 1 hour.​


Interested in coaching? Request an consultation and let's get started on your journey to wellness.

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