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It's the company you keep.

I never imagined that I would have been on my knees praying for the very person who hurt me. A likeminded friend introduced me to the idea of forgiveness and I will never forget my response 🙄 “you just don’t understand.” This is why God’s word insist that we seek wise counsel…

.her advice changed my entire mindset. Not instantly but she sowed a seed that changed my life. The process of forgiveness was challenging because it took me down paths that I thought I would never travel down. For instance, learning to forgive made me take a hard look at myself. It exposed me to feelings of vulnerability that I, as a black woman, was not comfortable with but more than anything, it freed me from someone else’s bondage. I begin to seat with God like I thought I had been doing but this relationship was different. It wasn’t formal, it wasn’t cute, it was ugly cry faces, it was resistant on my part, it was truths I didn’t want to hear but more than anything, it was clarity. See people talk about the trending topic of boundaries but what do boundaries mean when you have no clarity. It means you will fall into the same cycle again like @jonmcreynolds so beautifully preached. Whether with the same people or different, change occurs through wisdom. Wisdom that only God can provide and sometime through other people which is why it’s important to be careful about the company you keep. That friend who changed my life was new in my life but we agreed quickly that it was a God-ordained friendship. God confirmed various times including when this “new” friend prayed for me in the middle of the parking a lot at work although she barely knew me. I mean she was praying yall like about to speak tongues and everything. She didn’t care who was looking..I was a little concerned about the cars backing up lol but I couldn’t resist God calling for me to become uncomfortable because comfort was my safe space yet with so much misery. I’m sure you know that forgiveness is not necessarily for the other person or people…it’s for your benefit. Let it go for you. #forgive #friendship

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